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2011 Nomad Cafe, BR-116 Festival, London
2011 Millbank Guided Tour, Tate Britain, London
2011 Hidden Histories: Common land and squatting in Hackney, Hackney Fringe Festival, London
2011 Snipe Hunting, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
2011 Shall/Will, Camberwell Space, London

Esperanto at the Bed-In, Bed-In at the Bluecoat, the Bluecoat, Liverpool


Bird-Song, b-side Festival, Portland, Dorset (a Festival Commission)

2010 What Do We Want?, Accidental Festival, London
2009 Things We Get Confused, Interrupted Correspondence, Five Years Gallery, London

Hinterland, Beacon, Black/North SEAS Festival, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
(a Festival Commission by Beacon)


Deptford Bingo, Tasty!, The Albany, Deptford, London

2009 Dowsing for Sceptics, Each Teach, Campbell Works at the Five Years Gallery

Under the Waters, FRED - an art invasion across Cumbria, Cumbria (cat.)

Strandline, Art in the Open, Stream Arts, London


Instant Films, Pocket Film Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris


Instant Films and In My Name, FILMOBILE, London

2008 Demo Chants, Jedburgh Sound Café, Jedburgh, Scotland
2007 Liberty of Hoxton, Shoreditch Festival 2007, London (a Festival Commission)
2007 Hints To Travellers, In Transit Festival, London (a Festival Commission)
2007 e-state and Here I Am, Still Strong, Pocket Film Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris
2007 My Territory, dot[.] party, Hayward Gallery, London
2006 I Grew The Tea..., Telephone Tour, Peter Stuyvesant’s Ghost, New York
2006 International Vegetable Bingo, No Place Like Home, Beacon, Lincolnshire (a Performance Commission)
2006 The Right To Live (with Alex Hodson), Camberwell Arts Festival, London (a Festival Commission)
2006 e-state, San Francisco International Film Festival
2006 Dowsing Poplar, node-l Media Arts Festival, London

Here I am Still Strong, Mobile, Arena Gallery, Liverpool

2005 In My Name, EASTinternational 2005, Norwich (cat.)
Selector: Gustav Metzger
2005 e-state, zeroesandones, Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke

e-state, Big Issue Film Festival, London

2004 We Did It! Snapshots in sounds and pictures, Hackney Library, London
2004 Changing Bow: A Guided Tour, A Better Place, Bow Festival, London (a Festival Commission)

48 words , Word Up, Stoke Newington Festival, London

2001 sk8 n16, Stoke Newington Festival, London
Curator (with Jes Benstock) o fa large-scale public skateboarding and art event
2000 Mirror Screen, (with Jes Benstock), Tow Festival, London
2000 The Effect (with Jes Benstock), Open, The Roundhouse, London
2000 Artist in Residence, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester
2000 Church of the Living Cinema, 291 Gallery, London
Curator (with Jes Benstock) of a live and interactive film event
2000 Paradise, Stoke Newington Festival, London (a Festival Commission)
2000 The Effect (with Jes Benstock), Darklight Digital Festival, Dublin
1999 Idle Talk, Riverside Studios, London
1999 Holding the Time, Watermans Arts Centre, London
1999 The Effect (with Jes Benstock), Enchanted Garden, Wiltshire
1999 The Effect (with Jes Benstock), Stoke Newington Festival, London
1999 Idle Talk (recommission), Watermans Arts Centre, London
1998 Idle Talk, Digital Underground M.A. Degree Show, Aldwych Station, London