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Beachcombing at Bugsby's Reach
27 September 2008
Greenwich Peninsula, London

Guerilla beachcombing on the foreshore of the Thames at the Greenwich peninsula as the tide went out. We looked for things of value in the mud and the sand, finding man-made objects such as clay pipes, pottery or plastic containers or natural items like shells or plants. Some were recent and some hundreds of years old.

We arranged and displayed these collections of lost and discarded objects along the shore which were then washed away during the evening and into the night as the tide flowed back in and the water reclaimed them.

Strandline was part of Art in the Open, organised by Stream (then Independent Photography) celebrating the launch of the Cultural Olympiad.

Other artists making work on the day were Eleanor Margolies (Chemical Construction Kit), Jan Hendrickse (Sound Barrier) and Jo Roberts (Water Woman).



Art in the Open
Stream (previously Independent Photography)